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As we start the New Year (2013) we are pleased to announce that
there are over 20 Effecta Lambda wood gasification boilers operating
in North America and several more currently undergoing installation.
From Alaska to Maine, the Effecta family of satisfied customers is
continuing to grow!

In addition to 90%+ Efficient Lambda controlled Effecta boilers
themselves, we are now offering the following at very competitive

  • OPEN and CLOSED style water storage tanks,
  • Misc. copper and steel fittings, ball valves, gages etc.
  • Elbi bladder style Expansion Tanks
  • Complete line of AZEL HVAC controls and gages
  • Complete line of TACO heating components/controls
  • SRCC certified Flat Panel Collectors (coming summer of

Up North Alternative Energy Solutions, LLC is now your one
stop source for complete Lambda controlled wood gasification boiler
systems (from system design, 25/35/60kW boilers, water
batteries, boiler components etc. we have it ALL!)

To go along with our Ultra Efficiency Effecta Lambda Boiler
Systems, this summer we plan to introduce high quality SRCC
certified flat panel collectors in addition to solar storage tanks
and solar controllers at very affordable prices (a complete roof
mounted 2 panel system with insulated storage tank and controller
will be selling for less than $3,000). By integrating a solar hot water
system with an Effecta boiler using Water Battery Storage, the ROI
is realized quicker by using the heating system year round and by reducing the amount of wood fuel required to meet the same annual heat load demand.
Have a great day! To further reduce your initial investment and shorten the ROI, our SRCC approved flat panel collectors qualify for the 30% federal tax credit for solar systems.

As 5 year veterans of Wood Gasification Heating using Water Battery
Storage (the first two years we used an EKO40 and now we are
in our 3rd year using an Effecta Lambda 35 boiler to heat our East
Jordan Home, Garage, DHW and Hot Tub) we have gained a wealth
of information. We are looking forward to sharing this information
with others interested in reducing their heating bills while also
being friendly to the environment! We are very proud to be the
importer and distributor of Lambda Sensor controlled Effecta wood
gasification boilers in North America and encourage you to review
our website for detailed information about these HIGH QUALITY,
EXTREMELY EFFICIENT boilers. In addition, you can also view these
products directly on the Effecta Energy Solutions, AB website at

We look forward to a safe and prosperous new year and marketing
and distributing Effecta Lambda wood gasification boiler systems in
North America. Please feel free to contact us via. our cell phone at
231.342.3271 or via. email at

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TACO Pumps,
Controllers, and Valves

Be sure to look for the
effecta boiler system at
a game near you!

Be sure to look for
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